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Tips on How to Handle Seafood


Seafood is widely consumed and available in large quantities in Malaysia. The South China Sea, which is home to a wealth of marine life and mouth-watering fresh seafood diversity, encircles the country. The primary issue with seafood is that it might be difficult to handle at times. One aspect of seafood is that each type requires a unique approach. Preparing seafood might be a bit difficult because each type demands a different amount of time for cleaning, eating, and storing. We have compiled 5 tips to help with better seafood handling.

1. Handle Carefully
Seafood tends to bruise easily, unlike meats like chicken or beef. If it’s not handled properly, it will cause a change in taste and texture of the meat. So be careful handling the seafood and take care not to bruise it when you do begin to prepare it.

2. Keep it separate
Most consumers are not aware of this mistake - when they buy seafood at the grocery store and start using the same utensils for cooked and uncooked seafood, they also store both of them in the same storage place. This can result in bacterial cross-contamination, and the bacteria you previously kill will contaminate your meal, making it unsafe. Thus, you must colour code the utensils being used to make sure that there is no cross-contamination. Also, use a different storage place for the two.

3. Keep it clean
Before preparing, wash the seafood (apart from dried or smoked seafood) under cold water (using iced, salted water lessens temperature rise and flavour loss). Furthermore, you must wash and sanitise all of your utensils, your hands, and any surfaces that come into contact with seafood. This will get rid of any foreign objects, stop the bacteria from spreading, stop cross-contamination and keep the products' aesthetic appeal.

4. Keep it cold
The ideal way to store seafood is to keep it at freezer temperature with a plastic seal. This way, it will help reduce the growth of bacteria and enzymes. In addition, this will help keep the seafood fresh. In contrast, seafood is one of those sources of protein that tend to spoil quickly. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it cold.

5. Keep it moist
Make sure the seafood is kept moist as you prepare the other ingredients. This is because if it is kept dry, dehydration may cause it to lose weight and appearance. Therefore, make sure your seafood is kept moist to prevent it from looking unpleasant and changing in texture.

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