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Organic Food: Is It Safe to Eat?

Organic Food: Is It Safe to Eat?

As far as we remember, organic food was previously hard to find and it was only available at health food stores.

They are now available at typical supermarkets, which has caused some confusion among consumers. While organic farm products are made without pesticides, there is some uncertainty about the safety of eating food that isn’t conventionally grown. You may be tempted by an offer of an "organic" apple or a "conventional" one, but both apples will look the same and you may feel overwhelmed in your decision-making process. So, which one should you choose? Thus, it’s best to say that you need to do your research before you buy it.

What is Organic Farming?

The term "organic" refers to the methods used by farmers to grow and prepare agricultural products without using any pesticides. These include fruits and vegetables, grains and dairy products such as milk, cheese and meat. Below are the following goals of organic farming methods:

  • Improve the quality of water and soil
  • Reduce pollution by providing farm animals with a safe and healthy environment
  • Allow farm animals to display their natural behaviour through living in their native habitat with the necessary space and provisions
  • Encourage a farm's self-sustaining resource cycle


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Benefits of Consuming Organic Food

The way your food is grown or farmed may have a big effect on your health. Organic food includes wholesome ingredients compared with conventionally grown foods, and people who develop a reaction to  food allergies, chemicals or preservatives may notice that their symptoms will reduce or disappear when they eat only organic food.

1. Organic Vegetables Have Fewer Pesticides.

No matter how you look at it, organic food is always a better choice than conventional products. Organic food doesn't contain the chemicals used in traditional farming, and residues often remain on or in food that has been picked this way.

2. Organic Food Is Fresh

Organic food is fresh and healthier for you than their conventionally grown counterparts. A great deal of research has found that organic food contains fewer harmful chemicals than their artificially grown counterparts, many of which have been shown to be hazardous to one's health with long-term consumption. Organic food is often enjoyed by people who wish to enjoy a healthier lifestyle or live in areas where the soil isn't safe for conventional crops.

3. Organic Farming Brings Benefits to the Environment

Organic farming methods can help to protect the environment. These farming methods use fewer fertilisers and pesticides, helping to reduce water pollution, soil erosion and energy consumption. Reducing pesticide use benefits the local ecosystem because it preserves biodiversity as well as human health by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals.

4. Organically Grown Animals Are Not Given Antibiotics and Growth Hormones.

Animal products fed to animals raise the risk of mad cow disease (BSE), and antibiotic usage can result in antibiotic resistant bacteria strains. Organic agricultural animals enjoy more freedom of movement and access to the outdoors, which benefits their health.

5. Organic food has no genetically modified organism (GMOs)

GMOs, or genetically engineered (GE) food, are plants whose deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) has been changed in ways that cannot occur in nature or via traditional crossbreeding, most typically to make them pesticide-resistant or to create an insecticide.

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