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Grocery Shopping Tips that Save Time and Money

grocery shopping

Grocery shopping consumes a significant portion of our money and time, given that they are our daily necessities. Thankfully, there are several easy methods to save time and money when making little purchases or stocking up for the week. Here’s how:

1. Create a grocery list
When it comes to grocery shopping, there may be the temptation to overspend on items you don't truly need. As a result, it's critical to create a grocery shopping list and include only grocery items that you truly need to prevent overspending. It also pays to check your current inventory at home first and review your shopping list after making it. Thank us later when you save a pretty penny from making impulse purchases, such as those snacks that are conveniently placed at the checkout!

2. Set a budget
Setting a budget goes hand in hand with creating a grocery list. Knowing exactly how much you can spend at the grocery store can guide you to stay within the budget. You'll undoubtedly spend more than you can afford if you don't know how much you can spend.

3. Organise your grocery list
Divide your list into "food" and "non-food" items to make your grocery shopping more organised and efficient. Doing this ensures that you are more focused when you navigate the many different aisles at the grocery store.

4. Plan your trip
Planning your trip to the grocery store is helpful, especially to avoid Malaysia’s infamous traffic jams. The ideal time to visit is first thing in the morning when the grocery store just opens for business, and if at all possible, on weekdays when it is less crowded and simpler to obtain parking. Going early also increases your chances of getting a fresh item.

5. Use a smaller basket
Did you know that that if you double the size of your grocery shopping cart, you could be spending 40% more than those using a smaller cart or basket? The bigger the cart, the more you will be motivated to fill the whole cart. Get rid of the temptation from the start by choosing a smaller cart, and keep your eyes glued to the grocery list! 

6. Buy less perishable food
The relaxed atmosphere at the grocery store may induce you to buy more than you need, including perishable food. However, spoiled food tossed in the trash is not good at all and it wastes your hard-earned money. Instead, try to purchase less perishable food like canned food, frozen fruits and vegetables that can be stored for a longer period of time. Trust me, it will save you money and time to make a trip to the grocery store again.

7. Bring reusable bags
Reusable shopping bags are not just better for the environment, you can avoid paying for plastic bags at the same time! Bring a big reusable shopping bag with more storage capacity and put all the grocery items together. This makes it less likely for you to accidentally leave one of your shopping bags behind and easier to organise your grocery items when you get home later.

Today's lifestyle is different from back in the 1990s when going to the physical store to buy groceries was the only option. Now that many grocery stores provide online services in addition to door-to-door delivery, we no longer need to do what shoppers in the past did. If you are looking for a grocery store that provides delivery service, BELI will send it to you with a guarantee of fresh and high-quality groceries.

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