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6 Ideas to Keep Your Pantry Looking Neat

pantry organize

Arranging the kitchen pantry can be a difficult task. It involves careful consideration and a sharp eye to go through the heaps of canned products, cereal boxes, snack packs, and baking materials. It is also necessary to have the assistance of your family to maintain the order of your pantry. But before that, you must plan out how to do it, which is what we are going to discuss. Here are six ideas to get you started on organising your kitchen pantry.


What to Look for in a Pantry Organizer


While it is attractive to purchase matte black or glazed ivory canisters, it is recommended that you stick with transparent containers as much as possible. The transparent side will let you see your supplies and keep track of their volumes. Clear bins are also easy to mix and match, making your space appear cleaner.


In a pantry, every inch of space matters. When buying food storage containers for a pantry, it's important to think about how they will all fit together. Boxes with square or rectangular shapes and flat tops can be stacked, allowing you to make the most of the limited shelf space.


Your organisers should be appropriate for the entire family. (Keep in mind that if they're simple to use, your partner or children will be more likely to keep the pantry tidy.) Look for large open bins or containers with simple pop or flip-up tops if you have little children. Choose containers with locking or screw-top lids for an airtight seal if you have tweens or teens.

1. Begin with a Clean Slate

Before you begin the organising process, empty and thoroughly clean your pantry. Examine expiration dates and discard everything that has passed its expiry date or is no longer in use. This will free up space in your pantry and keep things tidy for a longer period of time.

2. Take Inventory

After removing old things, you are now able to identify what remains to be organised and begin allocating storage containers. Make a list of your pantry necessities and keep it up-to-date. Take a list of what you want to buy with you when you go for grocery shopping.

3. Categorize

Next, arrange similar items together. For instance, to make it simple, keep oils, condiments, munchies, and baking ingredients all in one area, making it easy to find what you need.

 4. Using clear containers

Complex packaging might make your pantry appear crowded. Decant dry ingredients into transparent canisters after removing any plastic bags or cardboard cartons. Chip bags and root veggies, for example, fit nicely in bins rather than being heaped loosely on the shelf. To keep everything looking consistent, use transparent food storage containers

5. Label

Label bins, containers, and shelves so that everyone in your home knows where things are. For quick labelling, use blackboard labels that can be readily updated.

6. Make Use of Unused Wall Space

If you have it, wall space may be a game changer when it comes to pantry organization. Non-food items such as aprons, brooms, and reusable grocery bags can be hung on hooks. A wall-mounted bag dispenser may also be used to store garbage bags and conveniently replenish what's in the container.

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