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4 Childhood Snacks Every Malaysian Loves to Eat

4 Childhood Snacks Every Malaysian Loves to Eat

Remember our glorious childhood, when we would munch on our favourite snacks and play with our peers to our heart’s content?  Today, we list down four popular Malaysian childhood snacks that will bring back fond memories of our innocent years.

  1. Apollo Chocolate Wafers

    This tasty chocolate wafer's coating easily melts in the Malaysian weather, leaving the melting chocolate on the wrapper which we certainly won't resist licking off.

  2. Apollo Cake Layer

    I bet those of you who are familiar with the Apollo Chocolate Wafer (mentioned above) will be familiar with the Apollo Layer Cake as well. Even today, the Apollo Layer Cake is still a hot-selling snack that comes in different types of flavours to suit your taste buds. The fluffy cake texture, together with the buttercream layer in the middle makes it a perfect snack for teatime and recess.

  3. Wang Wang Rice Crackers

    Who hasn’t found it hard to stop eating when it comes to Wang Wang Rice Crackers? The tantalising salty flavour covering the rice crackers, along with the crunching sound they create when we eat them, fuel our addiction to them.

  4. Super Ring

    When it comes to Super Rings, who cares about orange stain on our fingers and lips? The cheesy seasoning flavour makes it hard for us to stop eating until we finish the last bite. Even now, Super Rings can still be found at most of convenience store and supermarket – a testament to its evergreen popularity.

No matter how many high-end snacks we have tasted throughout our lives, the childhood snacks on this list will always evoke happy memories of the good old days. So, if you're looking for Malaysian childhood snacks, why not browse BELI's online grocery store for some of your favourite? BELI offers online snack delivery - just wait at home and we will deliver it to your front door. Shop today at BELI!

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